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Career Q&A
Friday, September 16, 2022
1:00 p.m.
For More Information:
Engineering Career Services

Career Q+A
Every third Friday of the month
at 1:00pm
Let's talk about real questions that come up around work.
Via Zoom. RSVP on C4E.

For September, see below.
How to Leverage Transferable Skills
Career Success as a First Generation Student
Neurodiverse Students and Students with Disabilities:
Meet The EmployABILITY Program at the University Career Center

We provide neurodiverse students and students with disabilities with the essential
competencies to succeed in the recruitment process and to thrive in their chosen career.
Our focus is always strengths-based.  Students step into the EmployABILITY program
through a portal that re-frames disability from stigma and ‘less-than’ to strengths, authenticity, and value.

We focus on:
-The who, what, when, where, how, and why of disclosure and accommodations
-Learning their strengths and how these overlap with the 21 st century skills employers are looking for
-Career prep workshops in a no-judgement zone
-State of the art solutions to common challenges such as executive functioning, communication skills, self-advocacy and self-efficacy
-Connecting students with employers and alumni to build a network; and
-Supporting students through the recruitment process for internship and job opportunities.
RSVP for this and other workshops at  A Zoom link will be sent to you 1 day in advance of the workshop.



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