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Aerospace Engineering Seminar Series: Tsubasa Ikama
Wednesday, September 14, 2022
4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
2164 Martin Hall & Via Zoom
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Brent Barbee

SPEAKER: Tsubasa Ikami    

Advanced Measurement Technique for Low Reynolds Number Flows – Temperature-Sensitive Paint   

ABSTRACT: Recently, the research and development of aircraft flying at low Reynolds numbers have received much attention. The aerodynamic characteristics and flow field of the airfoil at low Reynolds numbers are different from those at normal Reynolds numbers. Therefore, advanced flow measurement techniques are important for understanding low-Reynolds-number aerodynamics. Furthermore, with the recent development of CFD, experimental data with a high spatial resolution is highly required for its validation. Our laboratory has proposed the use of Temperature-Sensitive Paint (TSP) as a flow measurement technique at low Reynolds numbers. TSP can optically measure the two-dimensional temperature distributions with high spatial resolution. In this presentation, the principle of the TSP measurement technique is introduced. Furthermore, the applications of the TSP measurement technique to rotating wings and the unsteady flow field are also described. This presentation also includes the research activities in our laboratory related to the Mars airplane and Mars helicopter.    

BIO: Tsubasa Ikami is a current Ph. D. student at Tohoku University in Japan. His research interest is the development of flow measurement techniques using Pressure- and Temperature-Sensitive Paints. He is also working on propeller-wing interaction and the conceptual design of rotorcraft. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering (2018) and Master of Engineering (2020) degrees from Tohoku University in Japan.


This Event is For: All Students • Graduate • Faculty • Staff


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