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Driving The Future: Intelligent Interconnectivity Solutions For Autonomous Vehicles
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
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The rise of autonomous vehicles is driving significant trends in the automotive industry. The demand for automotive chips is increasing, prompting OEMs to consider in-house design. However, the adoption of autonomous vehicles is expected to disrupt the automobile and related industries, impacting business models and competition. The US Autonomous Car Market is projected to reach USD 31.17 billion by 2028. In this evolving landscape, manufacturers face interconnectivity challenges, such as data security, reliable network connectivity, balancing latency & bandwidth requirements, and managing enormous volumes of data.

LEMO USA and Northwire’s custom connectors and cables offer seamless connectivity and communication within autonomous vehicles, ensuring reliable data transmission. These interconnect solutions are designed to withstand challenging conditions such as high temperatures and underwater environments, making them durable and reliable. Their versatility extends beyond the automotive industry, making them suitable for various other industries as well. With a focus on weight reduction and durability, LEMO USA and Northwire’s interconnect solutions are poised to transform the autonomous vehicle industry and shape the future of transportation.


  • Steven Lassen, Product & Applications Manager, LEMO USA
  • Doty Lazareto, Field Application Engineer, LEMO USA
  • Jeff Lewison, Account Manager, Northwire USA
  • Charlie Wolfe, Design Engineer Manager, LEMO USA

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